About Dawn Elder Music

Dawn Elder is a unique player on the American media landscape. As a Grammy-nominated, and multi Award-winning composer, music producer, director, artist manager, Event planner and event Production, she is creator of over 1000 events spanning a broad spectrum of media, she has worked with some of the top names in entertainment, from American icons Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, George Clinton and Carlos Santana, to the most celebrated stars of the African and Arabic-speaking world, among them Khaled (Cheb Khaled) (Algeria), Mory Kante (Guinea/Mali), Souad Massi, Yara Lapidus, Simon Shaheen and Kazem al-Sahir (Iraq) to name a few. Dawn Elder has developed and directed television documentaries and concert broadcast specials for major networks in the U.S. and abroad, including ABC, NBC, PBS, and ANA/MBC. She has also developed and produced some of the most ambitious cultural festivals and conferences in recent U.S. memory. Behind all of Elder’s enterprises lies a fierce humanitarianism and a dedication to the principle that culture, especially music, has a vital role to play in bridging misunderstandings between contemporary societies.

what we do

Music Production & Education

As a songwriter and composer, Dawn Elder, has brought an exceptional perspective of American pop and Middle Eastern music into Grammy nominated music and major-release films. Passionate about educating and inspiring emerging talent, Dawn is deeply committed to creating educational and networking opportunities for artists on all career levels. A founding producer of Ultimate Vocal Summit, Dawn cultivates the careers of exceptional young vocalists.

Artist Management

Dawn Elder’s boutique management division brings to world stages, a roster of high profile talent headlining tours in leading international markets. Established European, British, Middle Eastern, American, Canadian, African and Arabic musicians hold an appeal that spans both regional and crossover audiences.

Global Events

Through long-term relationships, a deep understanding of cultural customs, and Dawn’s unprecedented access to major artists; she is uniquely positioned as a global ambassador. Dawn has been sought worldwide to produce and curate high-profile events and festivals with powerful social messages.



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