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Artist Development and Training provided by leading Experts in the Recording and Entertainment Industry! Be the best Artist you can possible be!

Dawn Elder prides herself on her ability to recognize talent & create an effective development strategy to launch a branded long term career artist.  Together with the Ultimate Vocal Music Summit Elder and her team helps Mentor and provide Artist Development services  for aspiring young singers and artists.  The consultation and educational programs are designed to help enhance the singer-performers career and give them a leg up. It is also to empower young artists with strong foundational skills.  Our team of celebrity experts provide training in Vocals, Music, Songwriting, Stage Presence and interview techniques.   These skills are essential building blocks to any successful career in music.  


Dawn Elder in collaboration the Ultimate Vocal Music Summit along with a few of her fellow celebrity coaches and professionals from the entertainment industry provide Consulting and Artist Development services to gifted and talented young artists.   Elder Award winning Composer, songwriter, Music Producer and Entertainment Industry expert  will mentor these artists with various programs depending on the Artist’s level and age once accepted in the program.  Each artist will be required to have participated in one summit and to audition live prior to being considered.   Upon acceptance and determination of the artist’s vocal and music level they will be offered various program opportunities.  The program is a minimum of one year and in most cases of a truly gifted artists two to three years for these artists who have earned their place and preparation to launch publicly their careers.  A team of experts will work with these artists and walk them through the complicated and intricate world of the entertainment industry.  The program guarantees to impart upon them the tools necessary to prepare them for a successful career.  They will be given the opportunity to perform and or study with renowned musicians, artists and or industry experts.  And when the artist is ready they  will be able to access recording and performance Artist services provided by Dawn Elder and a team of all star writers, musicians, vocal producers and industry VIP.  Please note recording productions are a separate service and only offered as a separate service if and when the artist is ready and prepared for recording professionally.

This program has  been designed to help these Protégés by providing them with strong fundamentals and knowledge that will help them pursue and realize their full career potential either as vocalist, singer/songwriter or actor/singer/ songwriter.

Through connections, these Protégés Artists will be given access to rVIP industry professionals.  They will be provided with opportunities to meet artists and talk to them about their careers,  depending on the level of the artist they will also be afforded recording and performance opportunities.  Getting strong and well informed guidance is crucial for an artist’s career. Dawn Elder and her team will guide the Protégé  artists in creating a professional profile image among the industry’s top entertainment executives.  This program will provide artists with proper tools to further develop as a performer and or professional in the entertainment  industry.  Artists will also have access to many of the casting directors from shows like American Idol, America’s Got Talent and the Voice to name a few. Read more about the Ultimate Vocal Music Summit here;

If you would like to be considered for one of our select spots for artist development programs you can send an Email to and more information will be provided.