This album is a two-year labor of love, all bringing together some of the very best in music Industry all writing playing and producing music to complement these enchanting, genuinely soothing and meditate vocals.

Into a troubled world sweeps the sensuous, reflective voice of Yara Lapidus, whose journey from Beirut to Cairo and Paris , then London’s Abbey Road Studios and Sunset Sound in Los Angeles, has led to a stunning set of songs that reach our ears like a gentle breeze on a sultry summer day. From a bilingual pair of covers of John Lennon’s “How,” to her collaborations with Brazil’s Chico César, Palestinian oud virtuosos Simon Shaheen and Adnan Joubran,and even punk pioneer Iggy Pop, Yara’s U.S. debut release, “Just a Dream Away”, reveals a voice blooming with understated power, and an artist unconstrained by genre and convention .

Each track brings the listener a sense of calm, peace and hope that it is all “Just A Dream Away”.

For this year Grammys consideration

World Music album of the Year

“Just A Dream Away”

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New Artist of the Year

Yara Lapidus

In addition for this year Grammys consideration :

  • New Artist of the Year – Yara Lapidus
  • Song of the Year – “Just A Dream Away” Songwriters – Michael Jay and Steve Dorff
  • Best record of the Year – “How – KIF”
  • Album of the Year – “Just A Dream Away”
  • Producer of the Year , Non classical – Dawn Elder “Just A Dream Away”
  • Best Arrangement, Instrumental and Vocals ; “Just A Dream Away” by Matt Rhode, Lynne Fiddmont and Dawn Elder
  • Best Arrangement, Instrumental and Vocals ; “How- kif” by Matt Rhode, Lynne Fiddmont, and Dawn Elder
  • Best Engineered Album , Non Classical – Jeff Peters (sound-mix), Sean Magee (mastering)
  • Best Recording package – Sarah Etienne , Guillaume Nicollet, Eric Vandepoorter


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Little wonder: her self-penned lyrics tell of love and its origin, whether in desire, loneliness, or obsession. Her music, as spacious and acoustic as it is epic and orchestral, is at the service of her expressive voice. A vocal instrument imbued with feeling and experience – the Paris-based Yara has lived several lives – and something more mercurial, something glimpsed.


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