magidaMagida El Roumi comes from Beirut and first gained fame by winning the gold medal in musical talent show Studio El Fan in 1974, since which time she has had a place in the hearts of the Lebanese people. Shortly after she became popular across the Arab world where she is now regarded as one of the most talented and important singers of her generation having sold more than 18 Million albums, lauded by critics and fans as well as famous poets such as Nizar Kabani and Mahmoud Darwish and musicians like Walid Akel. She has also received many accolades in Lebanon and across the world, has performed hundreds of different songs across classical and contemporary genres and has recorded 11 albums, as well as starring in The Return of the Prodigal Son in 1975 which one her the Egyptian Film critic Award.
Magida has gained wide recognition not only as a musician but as a cultural ambassador across the Arab world, bringing her message of peace to millions of people through her songs. Many of these she has devoted to Lebanon, calling for rebirth, sovereignty, independence, peace and hope.
This recognition has included numerous medals and awards, and in 2001 she was honoured to be made a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador. Her many other awards have included the Médecins Sans Frontieres Shield, the Shield of Honour from the Syrian Ministry of Culture and the Algerian Shield of Culture and Golden Medal of the Press.

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